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'Hello Central' (GB2201)

Released August 2023

"A truly unique and talented group of musicians, their talent shines through on each and every track. These gifted musicians are just what the doctor ordered”

Blues Blast Magazine (USA)

"In its genre, this album is simply indispensable"

Rootstime (Belgium)

"Probably their best CD. Thoroughly enjoyable - excellent entertainment”

Just Jazz

"A delightful album”

Blues Matters

“So what's the difference between a trio with guests and a sextet? All the difference in the world!

 A highly enjoyable album”

The Jazz Rag

“Good natured blues, vintage jazz and a couple of rather fine sacred items make this 

a hugely listenable release”

Bluesnews (Norway) 

“Check out The Jake Leg Jug Band!”

Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 2

"Bubbling over with raucous choruses and instrumental virtuosity, a stunning acapella and a mighty horn section. It's one hell of a smoking-hot platter”

Folk Wales

"Overall this makes for excellent and very enjoyable listening”

Twoj Blues (Poland)

"The Jake Leg Jug Band have made some lovely albums, And yes, they have done it again”

Blues In Britain

"Stirringly performed spirituals”

R 'n' R 

"If you've not heard JLJB before, this is a great first album to get. It's a fantastic showcase for what they do. If you're an existing fan this is definitely one to add to the collection”

Harmonica World

'Live at Audley Theatre' (GB2201)

Released May 2022

“All the material is fun and it’s hard to pick out favourites. A thoroughly entertaining collection”

Blues In Britain

“There is a powerful drive to much of the material. The entire album provides a romping good time”


“An excellent overview of the band’s output over the years as well as being good bluesy fun!”

Bluesnews (Norway)

“A treat for all you jugheads. This will make you smile”

Bob Ford Folk and Roots 

"Beautifully recorded in front of an enthusiastic audience. The band has a powerful, full sound -wonderfully entertaining"

Twoj Blues (Poland)

The craftsmanship of the group members as virtuoso instrumentalists ensures that the band will never get boring during the 103 minutes that this performance lasts. On the contrary -fun guaranteed!

Roots Time (Belgium)

'Goodbye Booze' (GB2001)

Released March 2020

“The band mesh together like a well-oiled machine -this troupe can play. They’ve upped to fourth gear and should increase speed as a result. Smokin’!”

Spiral Earth

“Pretty damn good! There isn’t a weak number so you can dip in anywhere and pick out a little delight. Good fun and lovely to listen to”

Blues Matters

“It features a much wider selection of styles including jazz and vaudeville and nice to hear additional instruments including brass, piano and fiddle widening the sounds on offer. Exemplary harmonica”

Blues In The South

“This time around the five piece is augmented by several guests but the sound remains as joyous as ever. There is not a poor track on the album”

R 'n' R

'Fifth Avenue' (GB1802-1)
Released December 2018

"the tightness of a band that have spent many years on the road. Cool jazz guitar, bass driven swing, excellent dobro, evocative harmonica and smokey vocal tones, velvet dipped in bourbon. Material is varied and well chosen, a souvenir from stage from one of the best live jazz-lite bands on the circuit"


"The JLJB have built a strong reputation for both their humorous approach and their musical female singer Bryony Rose certainly makes her mark. Pick any track at random and prepare to be entertained "


"A fine feast of good-timing jug band music, blues, vintage jazz and hokum with a nicely humorous attitude "

Blues News (Norway)

"This long-standing UK jug band capture the knockabout sound of the best Memphis jug bands of the 20s and 30s extremely well in addition to turning their hand to melodic blues, vintage jazz, old timey music and hokum. It all makes for a very fine and fun release"

Harmonica World

"The music is varied, lively and often comic...Bryony Rose sings with relish"

Blues Matters

'Break A Leg' (LACD354)
Released July 2017

"The new line-up has bedded in very well. There is expert musicianship and great arrangements resulting in a much tighter sounding group. Highly recommended"

Just Jazz

"These guys aren't just treading familiar water... It's an album with surprise around every corner, the intrigue lasts from start to finish"


"If you've never heard them before you are in for a treat.The music is uplifting and expertly arranged. You only have to look at the cover to see the band exudes fun and that is certainly what you get. A thoroughly entertaining album. "

Folk North West

"This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, get your feet tapping and the endorphins bouncing through your veins...A smorgasbord of vintage classics. Above all it's the expert musicianship and tight arrangements that make it something to savour. "


"A fine set of good-time blues, hokum, country gospel and vintage jazz...the whole CD is good fun, most definitely. "

Harmonica World

"Predominantly up-tempo, cheerful stuff with plenty to sing along to which seems just what we all need. "

Tykes News

"Entertaining lyrics and carefully worked out arrangements. Neil Hulse's guitar shows real blues feeling and Sarah Miller sings splendidly with good diction and plenty of blues and jazz inflections."

The Jazz Rag

"There have been major personnel changes but Sarah Miller, Liam ward and Toby Wilson are more than adequate replacements. There's plenty of sexual innuendo in the material - why change a winning formula? Ace dobro and chorus singing"


"The five piece has a uniquely recognisable and frankly irresistible sound and 'Break A Leg' is one of their strongest releases to date. Their enjoyment shines through everything they produce, making this album a must-have for those who love their music with a twist."

Fat Pigeon

"The Jake leg gang clearly have a zest for this material and their musicianship is up to the job"

Blues Matters

'Everythin's Jake' (LACD340)
Released April 2015

"A masterpiece of nostalgic music. The band display real virtuosity and create a wonderful sound that will be hard for any other band to repeat"

Folk North West

"A wonderful album. Expert musicianship and superb arrangements. "


"Good time music from a good-time group"

The Jazz Rag

“Foot tapping, finger clicking music…I love this album!” 

Shire Folk

'Next Stop!' (LACD330)
Released January 2014

"Instrumental virtuosity. Very enjoyable, very listenable."

Blues & Rhythm

"Every now and then a CD comes along that puts a smile on your face, and this is one of them…a fine CD"


"These classics from another century take on a new life in their hands".

Spiral Earth

"An album fresh to listen to but with a rare authentic feel. Hugely recommended"

Tykes News

"The Jake Leg Jug Band sound like they would be a hoot live"


"A genuinely brilliant job…we can recommend Next Stop!"

Shire Folk

"An enthralling and hugely enjoyable collection on offer. Recommended!"

Blues Matters

"Beautifully recorded and skilfully played"


"Have yourselves a hearty draught of this album's intoxicating charms"

Net Rhythms

"Live this must be a hoot - and I'd pay to see it"

Americana UK

"All in all, it's a totally convincing recording which captures the cutting-edge essence of the young wild America of 90 years ago"

Folk Wales

"Fun and varied – I'm sure they provide a good evening's entertainment"

Just Jazz

"Here's hoping that Lake Records corrals the band into the studio again soon"


“These guys are well worth looking out for… and this CD is well worth hunting out”      

Blues In The North West



'Cotton Mouth' (OS001)
Released February 2013

"The JLJB bring these artists and their music lovingly to life, through these very fine recordings. Recommended!"

Blues In The North West

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