The Jake Leg Jug Band - Reviews

'Everythin's Jake' (LACD340)
Released April 2015

"Foot tapping, finger clicking music…I love this album!"
Shire Folk
"A masterpiece of nostalgic music. The band display real virtuosity and create a wonderful sound that will be hard for any other band to repeat"
Folk North West
"A wonderful album. Expert musicianship and superb arrangements. "
"Good time music from a good-time group"
The Jazz Rag

'Next Stop!' (LACD330)
Released January 2014

"Instrumental virtuosity. Very enjoyable, very listenable."
Blues & Rhythm
"Every now and then a CD comes along that puts a smile on your face, and this is one of them…a fine CD"
"These classics from another century take on a new life in their hands".
Spiral Earth
"An album fresh to listen to but with a rare authentic feel. Hugely recommended"
Tykes News
"The Jake Leg Jug Band sound like they would be a hoot live"
"A genuinely brilliant job…we can recommend Next Stop!"
Shire Folk
"An enthralling and hugely enjoyable collection on offer. Recommended!"
Blues Matters
"Beautifully recorded and skilfully played"
"Have yourselves a hearty draught of this album's intoxicating charms"
Net Rhythms
"Live this must be a hoot - and I'd pay to see it"
Americana UK
"All in all, it's a totally convincing recording which captures the cutting-edge essence of the young wild America of 90 years ago"
Folk Wales
"Fun and varied – I'm sure they provide a good evening's entertainment"
Just Jazz
"Here's hoping that Lake Records corrals the band into the studio again soon"

'Cotton Mouth' (OS001)
Released February 2013

"The JLJB bring these artists and their music lovingly to life, through these very fine recordings. Recommended!"
Blues In The North West